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Iohub and SMI - 1: disable dialog box? 2: iView X trial counter

OS Win 7
PsychoPy version 1.85.6 for now* (Standalone)

I am adding eyetracking functionality to one of our existing experiments using the iohub. The eyetracker (SMI RED500) is connected to a laptop with iView X; this laptop is connected to the stimulus presentation computer via ethernet; the stimulus presentation computer uses one screen. In the past, I’ve used a similar setup with PyGaze, but since a purely behavioural version already exists in PsychoPy, I wanted to have a go with and at iohub. I did make it work in a way, but there are two things that I can’t seem to work out on my own.

1. Is there a way to disable the “Common Eye Tracker Interface” dialog box / pop up window?

(The one encircled in the attached screen grab). It offers nothing I can’t do with iView X itself and/or script in psychopy itself, but it pops up behind the experiment window and results in python not responding, until I alt-tab my way to the pop-up and close it, which will be annoying for both the RA and participant.

I have dug around in many iohub scripts, but couldn’t find anything that pointed me in the right direction.

2. How do I get to add a trial to iView X’s counter (on the laptop) for every new trial in PsychoPy?
The simple experiment I built to test the setup, just loops through a faux-trial, starting the recording at the start of the routine and stopping it at the end. Not only does the trial counter in iView X stay at 1; the data buffer appears to be cleared every time I call tracker.setRecordingState(False). That can’t be right.

*The existing experiment runs under v1.90.2 originally. This is due to the rating-scale which is meant to work better in that version. However, I was unable to run the launchhubserver in that version, even after updating PyHook (as suggested here) among other attempted debugging. But that’s something for another day! :slight_smile: