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Exporting an itemized Excel file of Pavlovia "Credits" page containing study info, participant credits, dates, etc


In order to be reimbursed by my university for research/participant expenses, we need to submit an itemized list containing study info, participant info, date, etc.

Pavlovia has a location where you can access all administed credits. This is generally pretty suitable for what I need. It contains all the information that I need. However, it is only accessible in the platform but cannot be exported as a csv or excel file or anything. It looks like below:

My university needs this information in order to reimburse. I was wondering if there are any options for exporting the credits administered log like seen above, but in CSV or Excel format? It would be incredibly useful.

I would just export all CSVs, merge them, subset unique participant IDs and use those and their dates. However, I had left the incomplete results feature toggled on so oddly I have fewer unique subject IDs than I do credits paid, so doing that doesn’t work for me. I paid 132 credits for the study and only have 127 unique IDs. So using the credits page’s output would be particularly useful for this.

If there is no built-in way to export a file containing this information, is there a workaround in terms of accessing the webpage code or anything that would allow me to do this?