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Experiment won't run online with Pavlovia


(I don’t know if the link above will work)


I cannot get the pilot online version of my experiment to run. I have made the experiment using PsychoPy Builder.

My experiment runs on my computer and on other computers, but when trying to run the pilot version on Pavlovia absolutely nothing happens. No error code, just a black screen. The info box also does not pop-up.

I have tried deleting the loops, one by one and also all of them at once. I have tried deleting the mov file, the single csv file, the xlsx file, everything.

I have tried a couple different psychopy versions, different browsers, different computers and creating the whole experiment again from scratch… any ideas what might be the issue?
Let me know if you need more information.
Thanks in advance.

Here are some screenshots:

Hi @Sigrid_Nielsen, I think the issue is the movie file format. See here for a list of commonly supported video formats. Note, formats such as as .avi and .mov are not commonly supported. Try switching to MP4, if possible.

Hi, I have now changed the file to mp4, but it doesn’t make a difference. The screen is still black, no error code.

The experiment is now running. The problem was
a) the format of the video and
b) the info box in the beginning of the experiment. If you have a question in the info box where you can only choose between two answers (eg. “yes” or “no”), it seems that the question can only contain one word. Eg. Question: “Vegetarian?”, answer: “yes” or “no”.

Thanks for helping out! :slight_smile:

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