Experiment stopped working, now showing just blank screen

I am using the newest version of Psychopy to create an experiment using builder, to run locally. I have created the task on my office computer, where it is still running fine. Yesterday, I took the task to the lab computer where it was also running fine. This morning, the task is no longer running in the lab. Instead, I am only presented with a black screen at the start. The mouse pointer does not disappear, and escape does not end the experiment. Only a ctrol-alt-delete seems to get me out if, that’s why I can’t send you any logs. The problem only appeared on the lab computer overnight. The task is still running fine on my office computer. (both computers run windows 10)

I am at a loss here, how is this possible?

Hi @Henning_Holle,

Which version of PsychoPy are you running in the lab? Also, how do you open PsychoPy in the lab; do you have to go through some sort of app manager or do you just open it directly as you would at home?



Hi Kim
It’s the latest version 2022.2.4 in both cases. I open Psychopy directly, I don’t use an app manager.

Hi @Henning_Holle,

I suppose you’ve tried the age old “turning the computer off and on again”? It gets joked about a lot but really can help sometimes!

Hi Hennig,
did you ever solve this problem? We are having a similar issue now with our computers in the lab (Windows 10 and PsychoPy 2022) and the screen just turns black after pressing run. It also happened over night.

Happy to hear whether you have found a solution.