Experiment ended with exit code 3221225477

Hi, I have a psychopy code including 3 taks first audio stimuli then only video stimuli and then audiovisual stimuli, all followed by 2 second fixation cross, which run fine after each other in the first loop but at the second loop where i change the stimuli for each, it just exits with Experiment ended with exit code 3221225477 after running audio and in the beginning of video only. I also tried in pairs and audio+only video works, audio+audivisual works , video+audiovisual works , only with all 3 it stops on video only second loop. Do you have any idea what it could be?

Based on the limited information you’ve provided, it’s likely that there is an issue with the second loop where you change the stimuli for each task. It’s possible that there is a problem with the way the stimuli are being assigned or loaded, causing the experiment to end prematurely.

One potential solution is to carefully review the code for the second loop and ensure that all variables and data are being properly initialized and loaded.

If you’re still having trouble after reviewing the code, it may be helpful to include more information to get a better solution (e.g., the full error message, your code, your builder etc).


Thanks Hans for the prompt reply. I don’t think there is a problem with the loop since it runs perfectly when I run any combination of two tasks. I can definitely make a light version and send it here, does it work?

Hi again, when I was preparing the light version I found the problem , apparently that was due to same name for the routine that I used to show both only video and audiovisual stimuli. So the problem solved. Thanks

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That’s great news! Hopefully, no more issues :crossed_fingers:. Since you’ve found a solution, could you please tick the solution box on your message? That way, people can find a solution if they have a similar issue. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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