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Error message and sound

Hi all!

Very new to PsychoPy so please be nice!

So, my experiment consists of 3 blocks, showing participants 40 videos, then 40 sounds, then 40 videos and sounds simultaneously. After each video/sound they identify and rate an element of that video, using key responses.

However… after each video, when the key responses are prompted, a windows error sound occurs. When you press a key to identify/rate, an error message also sounds.

An error output message also occurs:


Please help! :smile:

Hi @taylorjones, could you tell us which version of PsychoPy you are using?

Hi @dvbridges!

I’m running v3.0.0b11

Ok if you look in your experiment settings, do you have an option for “Force stereo”, and is it selected?

The option is there, but no it isn’t selected

Great @taylorjones, if you try checking the “Force stereo” box, it should force the sound arrays to be the same shape, and fix the error.

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Brilliant! Thank you so much for your help!!

I have the same problem as taylorjones (also very new to psychopy)… Where can I find those Experiment settings and the “force stereo” box?

Hi @Sara_24, here is an image showing experiment settings dialog, with “Force Stereo” checked: