Experiment does not start. No Warning Given

Hello guys,

we try to develop an experiment which consists of audio (wav) files and paintings (jpg).
After typing in the participant number, the experiment shuts down, and it does not give any warnings or output.
We are really frustrated. We tried it with the newest version and older ones on different computers.
We also checked our files over and over again.
Is this a problem with the files or the format?

Can anyone help us? We attached the necessary files.

This is our psychopy experiment.
newexp.psyexp (14.9 KB)

This is our excel
neu.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Our folder:

Hi @Carolin, it is difficult to reproduce your error without the stimuli, as I cannot actually run the experiment. It will be good to try to find an error, so try this. Compile your code into the Coder window, using the “Compile Script” button in the toolbar, and run the task from Coder - if any errors appear they should appear in the output panel at the bottom of the Coder frame.

This happens if I run it in the Coder.

Thank you very much for your help.:slightly_smiling_face:

i’m experiencing the exact same thing, did u ever figure out what the problem was??
thank u