Excel formula formatting not translating to output file

OS : Win11
PsychoPy version 2022.2.4

In my conditions excel file, i included a column "congruentAns’ to which i added an IF formula (=IF(x2=y2,1,0)) to tell me if the input answer was correct or not. But after running the experiment i noticed that the formula didnt carryover to the output file. Is there a way to solve this or is it something I can only do in post processing.

i tried using the keyboard response component instead of the textbox one but the output file was formatted incorrectly. Since some conditions had two letters and 1 number and some had 1 letter and 2 numbers, PsychoPy gave each keypress an individual column but instead of also giving them an individual column header, it sort of just bled into the next column header. (yellow highlights in the photo below). This also resulted in later data getting shifted by a column or two(red arrow in the image below) So i resorted to using the textbox component to avoid having to deal with the above but since the textbox component doesn’t have an inbuilt correct ans thing in the data tab, i tried the above.

I am a beginner in both excel tools and PsychoPy, any insight would be appreciated!