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Error when installing PsychoPy on Windows 10

Hi there -

When trying to install PsychoPy3 on Windows 10 this afternoon, I couldn’t successfully install it due to the following error in the PsychPy3 2020.2.5 win64 Setup:

"Error opening file for writing:

C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\CHANGELOG.txt"

This is despite the fact that I successfully logged in as an administrator during the install. Right clicking the setup icon to “Run as Administrator,” changing the UAC settings, changing the permissions/properties of the setup so “Everyone” could access it did also not solve this issue.

This installation is on a MacBook Pro running Windows 10 in “Dual Boot” mode (64-bit system, x64-based processor); I have to run this in Windows due to its integration with another part of a neuroimaging project.

Thoughts on what to try next?