Error: When Importing Condition F, Extension: F currently not supported

So I’ve encountered a rather interesting error when trying to run an experiment on Pavlovia. I created an Eriksen flanker task that manipulates the proportion of congruent trials per block (one block has 50% congruent/incongruent, one has 80% congruent, one has 80% incongruent).

When I tried running it on Pavlovia though, an error window shows up saying this:

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when importing condition: F
  • extension: F currently not supported.

Here’s the catch: It seems to be specific to using a block loop. In the original experiment, I have nested loops that allow me to randomize the presentation of my block conditions (using the folder block_conditions_flanker.xlsx). Works in Builder mode on my laptop, but not on Pavlovia. When I created an alternate version that just presents the congruency proportion conditions as separate routines, it runs fine. The problem is, I can’t really counterbalance the order that the conditions are in if I do that without creating multiple lists to do so. So I would really love to know if this error has a solution that I don’t know about.

URL of the experiment that works:
URL of the experiment that doesn’t work:

Please could you show screenshots of the bits that don’t work? Your loop definition?


So this is the overall structure of the experiment:

Contrast that with the experiment that works:

You’ll notice that the blocks in the experiment that works are done in a brute force fashion where I just forego using a block loop and insert separate routines for each block condition. Short term, it lets me run it on the web, but there’s no randomizing the presentation order of blocks doing that.

Getting back to the experiment that doesn’t work, the block setup looks like this in the builder view:


The blocks use an excel file that calls on the different block conditions, which are coded in separate spreadsheets. The excel file that holds these conditions looks like this:

In the experiment that works, I forego calling that excel file that lists the names of the other excel files. Instead, I just directly use the files that contain the stimuli for each block condition, like so:

Now, in terms of the actual code for how these loops are defined in JS, maybe there’s something in the actual code? These screenshots are of the actual code that defines the loops:


The experiment that works does not have the code from lines 347-374, 411-415, 418-446, or 483-487.

Selected row 0 doesn’t work online (I think this is in my crib sheet). You need 0:1 to have rows starting at 0 and ending before 1

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Worked like a charm! As soon as I made the change you suggested, it works seamlessly on Pavlovia. Thanks for that. I’ll keep that in mind from now on when I’m trying to design experiments for online purposes.