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Error: the argument: [object ArrayBuffer] is not an image

Continuing the discussion from Keep getting unknown resource errors:

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Description of the problem:
Hi! really sorry to reopen this discussion, im actually quite new to psychopy and i actually had the exact same resource error as above and followed the steps outlined above including adding the image resources in the online tab which resolved the resource error, but it actually created a new error:

"Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when setting the image of ImageStim: Body
  • the argument: [object ArrayBuffer] is not an image" } "

I have tried to look through the forum for a similar error and couldnt find anything and i was not sure how to resolve this.
Any help would be very much appreciated
thank you!!

I wonder if Body is used for something else. Try changing the name of your image component to something like BodyImage.

thank you - I just tried it and unfortunately the same error message came up again

Please could you show a screenshot of your image component? What are you trying to display?

Thats my image component - its actually calling up an image from a set of pathways based on the gender selected on the onset of the experiment. this instruction is located in the code component of the experiment - I have also attached the .psyexp file incase that makes it easier to understand, thank you!
BTT5-31.psyexp (36.3 KB)

this is one of the excel files with the pathways: there are 3 like this and the appropriate one used is based on what gender identity is inputted at the start of the experiment which is what the code component is for
chooseblocksF.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Are you using condsFile for the variable name of the file as well as the name of the image column?

yes! you are right that did seem to be the issue. thanks so much!!