Online experiment crashed on one of the image

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
The experiment is running well in psychopy builder, but it failed when I tried to run it on Palovia. The problem start when setting an image and pop out as follow:

the argument: ImageStim( name=image, win=Window( name=Window, fullscr=true, color=#000000, ~), autoDraw=null, autoLog=true, units=height, pos=[0,0], size=[0.25,0.25], ori=null, opacity=1, depth=-1, clipMask=null, boundingBox={“x”:-0.125,“y”:-0.125,“width”:0.25,“height”:0.25,~, image={}, mask=undefined, color=#ffffff, contrast=1, texRes=128, interpolate=true, flipHoriz=null, flipVert=null ) is not an image" }

Besides, I am had make sure that the image is uploaded.

I hope that nay one could help to solve this. Thank you so much.

Please could you show a screenshot of the code or component that displays the image? That error message looks like an image component is being used as an image file.

yes, you are right. But I had no idea to fix it.

The following screenshots shows how I design the experiment in the psychopy builder mode"

This is the condition file’s screenshot:

Change the name of your column to something other than “image”. PsychoPy is using that variable name for something else.

Thank you so much! It works well!