Error running study online: “when setting the image of ImageSim" and "when getting value of resource"

This experiment is fully functional offline via PsychoPy builder and the upload to Pavlovia was successful.

Currently in the piloting phase, after entering participant details, the following error message is presented:


‘Gab_Example’ is the name given to the image component,
AttStimuli\Gabor1.png is the file location and name.

A previous topic addressed this issue with the solution of converting images to .png format, however the images I am using are all .png but the error still occurs.

Please can you suggest a solution?




I can find the stimulus here:

So here two changes that will likely solve your problem:

  1. In paths to stimuli, use a slash (/) not a backslash (\)
  2. In builder → experiment settings → online, leave “Output path” empty

Best, Thomas


Thanks for the suggestions, however the error still occurred.

I have found a solution which I will share.

As the image stimulus was not part of a looped routine, by removing it from an image file named AttStimuli which I had created within the main experiment file, and leaving it in the main experiment file itself, the problem resolved.

The image root was then in this case no longer AttStimuli\Gabor1.png but simply Gabor1.png.

Kind Regards,


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