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Error saving participant data: Request Entity Too Large

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
The whole experiment runs fine on Pavlovia, until we get an error at the end while saving the data.
The error message is as follows:

Unfortunately we encountered an error:

when uploading participant's results for experiment: Visual.Narrative
Request Entity Too Large

Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experimenter.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Some further notices about the experiment:
It’s a rather long experiment in which sequences of comics are shown to the participants, each of them followed by 5 questions. The answers to those questions as well as the timings are stored.
Subjects are presented with 8 blocks, each of which consists of 32 comics.
Might it be that the amount of stored data is too big to be stored on Pavlovia? If so, is it possible to store the results on another platform?

Hi @visual.narrative, I do not think it is because of space issues on Pavlovia. I have not seen this error before, but I wonder if it is related to how you are saving the path to the conditions files, and somehow the conditions files are being read in memory each time the name is written. Just an idea, but try not saving the path to the file, instead you could just save the condition name, or the filename without the extension.

I cannot help further because the link to your task does not work - the JavaScript files in your repository appear to be missing, suggesting there is an issue with how your experiment is being created.

Thanks for the quick answer @dvbridges!

How is it possible to change the saving path to the conditions files without changing the path itself?

My bad that the link didn’t work, I tried to fix the issue and didn’t restore the experiment at the end, sorry for that. We uploaded the experiment again, now the link should work and all the scripts should be in place:

Could you have another look?
Thanks a lot!

Hi guys,

I’ve been having the same issue with typing tasks that I’ve made on Psychopy3. It seems to be an issue with the number of observations recorded. In my case, once over roughly 2000 keystrokes are recorded, the file becomes too large to save. It’s important to mention that this doesn’t happen every time. For the link I’ve posted below, this only seems to happen 2/5 sessions, which probably means that it depends on the participant in some way. It could be their browser, but in this case it might also be that some participants make more mistakes and corrections leading to more keystrokes and large output files.


One of my participants submitted this image of the error:

I think this is a matter worth looking into.