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Error message: Memory error

Is anyone aware of a way to decrease the memory taken up by a long task?
Thanks for any and all advice. Details of my particular issue are below.

Win10, 1.90.3

I’ve recently lengthened a two-choice discrimination task, from 156 trials to 364.
The task is now crashing, usually around trial 200 but never on the same trial number (from 190 to trial 238).

The attached image shows the error message.

I’ve tried the following:
change text properties (from exp settings, pix, norm)
limited trial duration
add in extra breaks, removing breaks
limit break duration
run in coder, not builder
60gb + free space

The same error message showed for all of the above changes.

Can you show how you are updating the image properties (e.g. provide a screenshot of your “image_right” component settings?

Also, what do the image files look like? Does their resolution to the number of pixels that will be displayed on screen, or are they larger resolution files that need to be scaled down (e.g. photographic images straight from a camera).

Hi Michael
Thanks for your response.
The image_right settings here

These images are from the web - between 10 and 700kb, or between 406 x 608 and 2555 x 3840 pixels

That could be a part of your problem right there. Is your screen that resolution? If not, downscale the images to match the actual number of pixels in your window that the image will cover. Otherwise, they just take up memory, without actually being visible to the participant.

The file size on disk is not really relevant here: the image gets decompressed when the file is imported. A small file on disk can take up a massive amount of memory if it compresses well.

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Thanks Michael, that’s done the trick!

For anyone else with the same problem, I used an online image resizer to reduce the number of pixels to <1000. The ratio stays the same and did not change the appearance of the images during the task.