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"Memory Error" on every computer and account.. except one (SOLVED)

Win 10
1.85.1 psychopy

This is a bit of a strange one: I have a task made with the builder that works on one laptop, and only on one person’s account.
Specs of the computers I tried:

  1. OS: windows 7 pro, RAM 8GB Intel i5 pro processor (works on one account and not on others)
  2. OS: windows 10, RAM 8GB, Intel i5 processor (MemoryError)
  3. OS: windows 7 pro, RAM 8GB, Intel i7 processor (MemoryError)

Python 2.7.14 (or latest release)

I’ve tried:
making an exact copy of the build on one of the non-working computers
making sure all unnecessary programs that use up RAM are closed
Reading forums

This is my first post, so if I can help by providing more info please let me know.

Error Message:

(a bunch of file paths which the site recognizes as links and forbids me from posting)

We really can’t tell from what you’ve said. You haven’t even told us whether you’re writing manual code or using Builder. Presumably the demos run? Then you need to work out what addition to your study is causing it to break. But there are so many ways to overload memory that we have no way of knowing which one is an issue for you

Hey Jon,

Thanks for getting back so quick!
I indicated in the original post that I’m using the builder, sorry that that wasn’t clear.
The demos do seem to run (I haven’t run all of them, but tested a few and they are grand).
Thanks for the advice of isolating each bit.
^^^ With this advice I was able to find the source of the error: the text stimuli was set to “from exp settings” in the units section. I switched the units to “pix” (as I thought that would be more appropriate) and that fixed the issue.

Thanks again,

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Ah, yes, sorry. I see that now.

For future, it’s also worth posting the entire error message (all lines) as that would have helped us narrow down this particular issue to being a problem with text for you. You can do that as a screenshot of the window if needed.

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