Retrieval test experiment ends early

I’m working on a conventional emotional memory experiment with 2 session. First for encoding of 120 images. Second for testing the recall of 60 of those previously shown and 60 foils. My recall experiment sporadically, randomly and unpredictably ends “early” and not all of the 120 stimuli shown - for example it stops after a few trials and stop as a 90 trials but never reaches all 120. Appreciate any help I can get!

As you wrote it is a little bit vague. Do you get any error message? The experiment is not working online or offline? Are you using any custom code component?


Thanks for the response and apologies for being vague.

1, no, I do not get any error messages;
2, this is off-line
3, no custom code - I’m using Builder GUI.

The retrieval task involves seeing 120 images (half were previously presented and half were not). The keyboard response is Yes or No (Y or N). The response is subject driven such that the picture appears and goes away when the subject makes a response and the next trial commenced. The experiment ends/stops prematurely before all 120 are shown. The output notes this and captures only (of course) data from those pictures - what’s weird is that it’s varies when it stops (how many pics are shown), so I can go through a few trials to 90 but never the full set, even though the parameters for the loop pointing to it clearly says there are 120 conditions.

It’s almost as if there is a random “end” that I’m not aware of.

I think I got it figured out now - thanks all.

There WAS an error in NOT finding the file! so that is why it stops randomly as the images are randomly presented, so when it comes up and can’t be found it stops!