Error: input.matchAll is not a function

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I have uploaded the experiment online and it was working fine when it has just one routine i.e. instructiontext. When I added the loop, I started to get this error :

The experiment works just fine locally, and this is my first online experiment and I am not familiar with coding.

It is worth mentioning that I am creating the experiment and uploading it on pavolovia after finishing each step so that I would know at which level I have a problem.
So when I finish creating a new routine, I click on file>export html, then click on sync and then try it online.

I have tried to change the xlsx to csv and tried to transfer words in the file from Arabic to English words and even tried using numbers only but still I got the same error. I even tried to create a new xlsx file to make sure no hidden headers or coulom but still not working.

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Hi @ManalAlharbi, I also experienced this and others reported here, what browser did you use?, check the bottom of this page, it’s supposed to tell you whether it’s new enough to avoid the error.