Enter information between blocks

My experiment has 4 blocks. Before the first block, I will set the parameter ‘X’ by entering information in the expInfo dialog.

The problem is that, before each block, I want to reset this parameter ‘X’ manually(maybe enter the value through a dialog). I don’t find anyway to make it through the Builder. So is there any code can help to solve it?

If you have expInfo[‘X’] and want to update it using a textbox (called textbox) then you could set expInfor[‘X’] = textbox.text in an End Routine tab of the routine with the textbox.

Hi, carter. Thank you very much~
Your solution worked well on psychopy. So finally I gave up the expInfo dialog but chose to use textbox throughout my experiment to update information.

However, when I put my experiment on pavlovia, a problem occurred. The textbox was ok at the start of the first block. But when it went to the start of the second block, the cursor in the textbox was missing. And the textbox became uneditable.

I’ve set my textbox to set every repeat, but still didn’t work. And I noticed that if I press ‘ESC’ to exit full screen, the cursor will occur and textbox will be editable again.

I don’t know what the problem is, and do you know how can I solve this problem?

Thank you very much!!!

There are quite a few threads about textboxes online. For example