Emotiv EEG record

Hi, I have a couple of Emotiv devices and a Pro license, as well as API access (including the RAW EEG component). I have set up a dummy Psychopy experiment to test the data recording features and I have found that, despite setting CORTEX_DATA=1 at the beginning of my experiment there is no csv file being saved anywhere I can locate it. The data is being saved and accessible in EmotivPro, but I’d like the raw csv (I’m hoping to record on an unlicensed PC). Am I misunderstanding the documentation?

Also, I am finding that there are indentation errors when using the builder version of the Emotiv_Markers, perhaps there is an error in the source code for that component type?

EDIT: SOLVED (partially), the documentation says environment variable and that literally means the windows environment variable. I was able to make it work, and with a fair bit of hacking at the source code I’ve been able to save the additional data streams as well. The markers still don’t work though, they’re making the number of data points being written to the file uneven somehow, but I can just save a separate file and merge them later.