Customising file name for data output

Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to alter the name of the files as they are stored in my online data folder?

E.g., one participant output file is " PARTICIPANT_OLS1_TOUCH_2020-04-29_19h49.22.964.csv" and it would be really helpful for me if all the files were stored as something like “ID 12345”.

This is especially useful for anyone running longitudinal studies and have to match study 1 files to study 2 files.


PARTICIPANT means you didn’t enter a participant number into the participant expInfo box.

cheers- ah that’ll be because i’m using a new expinfo box to collect an ID- which I can see now from your cribnotes is a no-no.

Locally it will crash without “participant”. Online it seems to be fine, but you get the behaviour you’ve seen. You could edit the JS code but I wouldn’t recommend it.