Editable textbox not showing answers in excel after piloting experiment

Hi, I am piloting my experiment right now and using the beta textbox. I have boxes for age, ethnicity, etc, but when I get the excel file, there is nothing there. Is there anyway to fix this? I am very new to coding and this program so please excuse my ignorance.

Hi @Hasademi, have you searched around the forum to attempt solving the problem yourself before making a new post?

My guess is that the answer can be found here: Editable text box won’t return input online
Pavlovia was not saving textbox outputs in v2020.2.4. This issue may be fixed in 2020.2.5 but I have yet to try.

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I spent a good 8 hours the day I posted this trying to troubleshoot the myriad of issues that this software has given me. That is why I came here.

trying to get someone to actually respond seems to be on the same level as summoning a leprechaun sometimes.

Im sorry for being rude earlier, the hours that I am spending infront of my computer and trying to troubleshoot everything is getting to me, also the pressure I am under to finish this project is making things more stressful. I appreciate your reply and I hope that this issue gets solved without having to add the code soon.

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Hi @Hasademi, thank you for following up. I ask because while the developers thankfully respond to a lot of posts, many of us on here are fellow researchers/volunteers hoping to save others time on issues we’ve already spent a ton of time debugging and combing through Discourse to solve. So, we just hope you’ve looked around a bit and tried some things before making a post, and ideally note what you’ve tried to save everyone time and give folks enough info to best help you!

Glad that the solution worked out for you, and hope that you’ll be able to finish the project in a reasonable time frame.

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I also had some problems when using TextBox, but was - with the help of this forum - able to solve.
Are you actually changing code in Python ? If so:

In my case, I am only asking for e-mail if I get certain results ( it is a standalone project ) so don’t take the indentation seriously, there is other code in the middle )

Having had a different issue, I would suggest you try the following:
reduce your input to one parameter
make sure you initilize
what_I_want = “”

what_I_want = My_TextBox_ID.text

then, if you are a beginner:

this might create a mess in your cmd window, but you will see if your textbox corrects correctly.
( check your csv )
then: clean up your string and only print() at the end of cleanup

and make sure you have the lin e

also, at the end you might
because there might be stuff left in the buffer ( I am running standalone in an infinite loop as a University hallway installation )

Hope this helps

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I too had difficulty finding the data for what participants had written in the textboxes. I am using custom code that was made before the beta textbox, but it can hopefully provide some insight.

My advice would be to double check your data file to see. For my study, the excel file for the offline study clearly showed the answers but this was not the case for the online study. In the online study, the answers were somewhat hidden in the cell by ‘#NAME?’. When I clicked this cell the answers appeared for me. Again, I am running some custom code for the textbox, but if you haven’t found the solution, I’d recommend looking for your output in different places if the above solutions did not solve your problem. Good luck!

I understand, thank you.

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Aha I wish I saw this before making a very similar post!! you are correct this is the solution still in the current version . Becca Textbox component not saving typed response

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