Textbox in Pavlovia

This is the repository for my experiment: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/adamhuang11/semantic_part_exp_test.

What I am trying accomplish is simply to ask the participant to type in what they see in the textbox after seeing a photo stimuli. The issue is that when I run the pilot testing, what I type in to the textbox isn’t saved as data of the experiment. The text appears in the textbox column of the data file remains unchanged. I read some similar post about textbox and try to directly change the javascript code but it still didn’t work. Can anyone help out?

Hey, this is happening with me too. Have you had any luck?

Hi There,

Are you able to have a go with this demo and see if it works :slight_smile: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/Hirst/textboxdemo


There is also a possible solution here Textbox component not saving typed response