Editable text box won't return input online

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/Weinbach/text_box999

Description of the problem: I wanted to have an editable text box that allows participants to enter a number and this number is stored. While this works offline in psychopy 2020.2.4, when I upload the experiment online to pavlovia, the editable text is not stored in the data file.

Anyone knows what may be the problem?



Hi @Noam_Weinbach, this is a known bug in v2020.2.4 (hopefully fixed in 2020.2.5!).

The current work around is to put this line in End Routine of a code component:

psychoJS.experiment.addData('myTextBox_txt', myTextBox._pixi.text);

where ‘myTextBox_txt’ is the name you want for the textbox output variable, and ‘myTextBox’ is the name of your textBox.

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Hi sawal,

Thanks so much for your answer. However, after implementing the code, I don’t see the new variable for some reason.

My text box is named “Text_Number” and this is what I did in the bulider:

I uploaded to Pavlovia and made sure the js file was updated:

However, in the data file, I still don’t see the output_number variable

Any suggestions?

Try clearing your browser cache & then running again— sometimes even though js changes show up in gitlab, Pavlovia still doesn’t recognize them

Thanks a lot @sawal, that solved it! I would also add for anyone else who tries to do something similar that it is important to add myTextBox._pixi.text = ‘’ after the code you mentioned in end of routine if you want the text to clear from trial to trial.

Happy to help @Noam_Weinbach, cheers!

the runner keeps telling me "NameError: name ‘psychoJS’ is not defined
do I have to put something specific in the psychoJS part?

edit: in the coder I am using both, and when I only used the right side it worked and the text is being saved. Thank you. I don’t know why I didn’t see this post earlier until you shared it on my post.