Dynamic search task not working in older browsers

I have built a dynamic search task based on the basic principals of the Dynamic_selective_inspect demo: dynamic_selective_inspect [PsychoPy]

Initially my task wan’t working on older versions of chrome but that problem has been fixed by changing the index.html to the pixi-legacy code (Thankyou @sotiri). However, now I have the problem that on these older browsers the mask for the search task does not load/move with the mouse.

Even when I run the demo above on the older browser, there is no mask in the white box and so I cannot search for the football.

Does anyone have any idea why this is/how i could get this to work?


Hi @EJJ, sorry about this, would it be possible to give me a list of those older browsers? Thanks, s.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

For me personally this is happening on:
Browser: Chrome
Version: 89.0.4389.90
OS: Windows NT 10.0
Screen resolution: 1366 x 768

This is the laptop which required the pixi change and now doesnt load the mask. The same thing has also been happening to a colleage when she loads my task so I will contact her and get the details for what she is using too.

I just checked and on the same device, loading the demo on Microsoft edge has the same problem that the mask doesnt load:
Browser: Edge
Version: 89.0.774.63

Alright thanks, interesting, those are in fact the most up to date versions of Edge and Chrome! It could be a bug with the demo, let me take a closer look, x

Yes its strange, becuase on my other laptop (which is newer) I have the same version of windows and chrome and it works fine.

The laptop it isnt working on is an old Sony Vaio.
My colleage is using a Dell laptop with windows 10 and the same version of chrome as me.

And it is happening on the same devices that required the pixi legacy change so im wondering if its connected somehow?

Gotcha, alright, thanks, that helps, x

I have just added you to a super simple experiment I built to check my ‘torch’ (mask).

  • Offline and online on my newer laptop I get a black box with a ‘window’ where I can see through to the blue underneath.
  • Online on my Vaio I just get the black box with no mask.

Thank you for all your help with this!

Hi @EJJ, I can confirm the problem on Windows / Edge, same with the dynamic selective inspect demo, but see no errors on page. This is likely a bug with PsychoJS. I have raised the issue on GitHub and will be posting back here with a solution as soon as possible, thanks again for flagging, x

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