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Type Error: readPixel web browser issue

URL of experiment: any experiment

Description of the problem: None of the online experiments seem to work on my web browser (chrome version 72.0.3626.81) on surface pro 3. However, seems to work on chrome on my android. Here is a screenshot of the error I get

I have the same problem. Does anyone have a fix for this?


I am also experiencing the same Issue - however, from what I understand from my participants, it does not happen on all machines. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to figure-out the source of the problem.

HI @AndreiCostea, I had this problem on my home computer, and I think it may have been related to my NVidia graphics driver running on Linux, but cannot check until later if it also fails on Windows ( see also There is a test that can be run to make sure ReadPixels is working here. Without knowing a bit more about your users computer e.g., graphics drivers, OS, and browser being used, I cannot be much more useful. However, I will create a GitHub issue later with details of my setup that recreates this error.

Hi @AndreiCostea, @LittleMary, @haaleemur,

Did any of you manage to find a workaround for this problem? I am having the same issue on Chrome running on Windows 10 (but the problem does not arise when I try running the task on a friend’s Mac, in either safari or chrome).

Does anybody know if there’s a definite fix for this at all? I am collecting my 5th experiment on Pavlovia since last July, and the error still pops up for a number of people.

Thank you in advance!!