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Drivers link not working

Hi all !!

I’d like to start using psychopy in my experiments, but my pc is very old.

I know there is a list with compatible graphic cards for the drivers, but the link is out.

Glad if anyone can help.

Kind regards, Antonio.

Hi Antonio, you shouldn’t rely on a list of compatible cards. You really need to check your particular system.

i.e. try running the Benchmark Wizard from the Tools menu. If the answer isn’t good, try updating the drivers for your graphics acrd. Don’t rely on the Windows driver update system: download the relevant driver direct from the manufacturer’s website.

Ah, yes, it looks like that server no longer exists (it was created by @jeremygray a while ago and hosted at Michigan State but it looks like they’ve taken it down).

As Mike says, the key thing anyway is to test your own computer.