Csv files stopped being saved on Pavlovia

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I’ve been running this experiment on Pavlovia for the past 6 months. There was a hiatus over the summer, and we have just reopened the experiment back on SONA. We have had a number of participants for whom the csv files did not get saved even though the log files did. This did not use to happen when we were running the study earlier (in August most recently). It is very unlikely that the participants exited the experiment without completing it: the experiment is sandwiched in-between two qualtrics surveys, and the participants are only forwarded to the second survey after they’ve completed the Pavlovia experiment. The participants missing the csv files had data on the second qualtrics survey, meaning they would have completed the experiment. It also looks like credits are being consumed.
I have enabled ‘save incomplete results’, but it would be great if someone could advise me on what to do here. Also, is there any way to retrieve the missing data?
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Have you switched the data from CSV to Database? Try downloading results from the experiment page (the one where you enabled saving incomplete data) and look for an all participants file in the downloaded zip file.