Download excel - damaged?

Hi all,

I am having problems when downloading results from pavlovia, as I got an excelsheet but is like damaged, I cannot see the columns properly, not separated. A colleague did that in her computer and it works fine for her, so data is stored, but we don’t understand why that’s not the case when I do that. I download it after selecting “CSV” but a zip file is downloaded with the excelsheet in it, and I got that problem. Could you help me? Thanks so much

Can you post an example file here?

Yes, of course. This is how it looks like:

We really need to see the file rather than a screenshot. But I’m guessing that it is a .csv file rather than a .xlsx. You need to tell Excel to use a comma as the separator between fields when importing the file.

i.e. this is an Excel issue, not a PsychoPy one - usually due to regional settings where the separator might default to something else, like a semicolon.

Yes that’s true, it was an excel issue, thank you.

What I finally did was:

Open and empty excel file —> select data section in word — open text/CSV (select the excel file, accept)

In case this is useful for others in the future.