Please help - Pavlovia - results in a strange format

I am trying to run a self-paced reading task online on pavlovia. Everything seems to be working fine but when I download the results they come in a very different format to the results that PsychoPy generates when I run the experiment on my laptop. In both cases the results come in Excel sheets but they are very different and I can’t make sense of the results I download from pavlovia.

I have attached examples of the results from PsychoPy on my laptop and from pavlovia.

Results from PsychoPy on my laptop.xlsx (317.5 KB) Results from pavlovia.csv (251.8 KB)

Thank you!

In Excel, try Data -> From Text/CSV, and specify comma as separator

Hello Thomas

Thank you so much for your help! Still it is different from what I get when I run the experiment on my laptop but at least now I can make sense of the data. Thank you! I wonder why the format of the results is different online, it will be more complicated to prepare the data for analysis.

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