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Make csv-separator selectable


this is a more general remark or feature request. At the moment, PsychoPy and pavlovia allow to store the data in csv-format which can easily be processed with excel. Well, only as long as you use a country scheme that employs a comma as a separator which is, for instance, not the case in Germany. A German excel is unfortunately not clever enough to import a PsychoPy/pavlovia csv-file properly without some preprocessing or altering defaults. So, I wonder if it were possible to add a feature allowing to select the column separator?

cheers Jens

You’re right, we should allow for this. At least on the Python side, that would be easy to do, but I’m not familiar with the library that is used for saving data with JavaScript.

I’d suggest that you should go to the Github site and add it as an issue for the developers to address:

Ideally include a link back to this page for any other discussion that might occur.