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Dissertation Study 403 Forbidden

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

  • 403 Forbidden Message

What I have done:
PLEASE HELP! Due to COVID-19, I need to run this study online. It works perfectly on my computer but shows up as 403 forbidden when I try to run this on Pavlovia.

I have tried all options on previous posts (checked file path, pushed all files forward, experiment isn’t nested in another folder, etc.). Can someone please check this out and assist? I am fairly new to PsychoPy and Pavlovia and am a beginner Python coder so I might need specific baby steps explanations to help.

Thank you!


Have you clicked “File” and Export to HTML and then sync it over online?
If it still doesn’t work, then your code may have an issue.

@peter101, thank you for getting back quickly! I did export to HTML before sync. The HTML folder also shows up on the repository and all files are present in the study here in the repository.

Hi! For me, it got started once I changed some of the codes (e.g., the “trial.finished = True” works for the Online version but doesn’t work for the Offline version at least on my end. For offline, it had to be customized_loop_name.finished = True) that worked for the offline but didn’t work on Pavlovia. Another thing I did was to run the experiment offline once and then synced it again and that worked for me. However, these are more like the list of what I did rather than the proper trouble shooting, so please take it with a grain of salt.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

@peter101, thank you fro the suggestions. I tried both and unfortunately, I still get the “403 forbidden” message. Here is what I tried:

  • Started the program, ran it offline once, then synced.
  • Went into gitlab and changed the loop codes to what you suggested above.
    Do you have any further suggestions? I am curious how you were able to get it running on Pavlovia!