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Displaying stimulus and a list of questions?

Hi all,
I’m trying to conduct an experiment that shows a stimulus and then asks two questions. The questions are supposed to be ordered (when the subject finishes the first question, question two appears). I have used mouse event for the first question to select the answer (were displayed as images) and recorded the answer. However, when I tried to write question 2, I faced a problem of the time question 2 appears. how can I make sure that the questions appear sequentially (question 1 then question 2). question 1 and question 2 are both answered using a mouse click on the chosen picture. In question 2, I also want to show a rating scale to collect some information. What is the best way to do that?
the part above will be displayed multiple times but with different conditions.


Hi Lulu,

Perhaps look at For-loops and lists. Also maybe place the existing code in, so we can have a basis to help further


Hi Lulu,

Separate the questions into different routines so that giving answer 1 ends the first routine and so moves to the next routine, where answer 2 can be given.