How to display the "next" screen for different conditions?


I’ve encountered a problem when trying to create different conditions for my experiment.
Currently the procedure looks like this:

What happens is that participants learn a list of words, then do some calculations, then recall and then have the information “Click next to start the next list of words” (that’s in the Next_list2 routine). The loop goes on 3 times so they learn 3 lists in total and the order is randomized.
What I wanted to do is indicate in some way that they’re about to see the 2nd and 3rd list, possibly change something with the Next_list2 routine, but I’m not exactly sure how to do that. So for example, after learning the 1st list and doing recall, they would see a text “Click next to start the 2nd list of words” and then after learning the 2nd list and 2nd recall, they would see “Click next to start the 3rd list of words”. I assume I need to create new conditions for that, but I’m still a beginner and I’m not sure how to start. Any help or advice would be strongly appreciated!

You could use something like

listNum = [‘2nd’,’3rd’]

and then have
$’Click to view the ‘+listNum[loop1.thisN]+’ list of words.’

in the text component set to change each repeat

Thank you!

For the listNum = [‘2nd’,’3rd’] should I put it as a code component or do I enter that somewhere else? Should I also create a loop just around Next_list2 routine or do I not need any extra loops?
I also forgot to ask that in my original question, but is there a way to modify this so it doesn’t show the next screen at all after the 3rd list or shows something like “Click next to start the next part of the experiment”?
Thanks again, I apologize for the questions, I’m still learning the basics of the program.