Displaying another language in PsychoPy Builder


I am trying to build a stroop task in Japanese, and the text did not display right. The text stimuli did not show full characters in a sentence, making the screen illegible (Picture #1). On top of that, the stroop text stimuli (colored letters) were retrieved from excel would appear as text boxes instead of the characters (Picture #2). Anyone know how to modify this problem? I tried to change the fonts in the “Formatting tab,” but nothing changed.

I used to make Japanese language experiment in the builder 3 years ago, and nothing like this happened, so I am uncertain what I should modify this time.
OS : MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1
PsychoPy version : v2023.2.3

#2 Text from Excel

What fonts have you tried? I normally use Arial.

Have you tried textbox as well as text components?

@wakecarter Thank you for your response.
The attached screenshots were displayed using the Arial font. After your response, I tried other common Japanese fonts (e.g., MS Gothic), and it worked. Thank you very much once again.