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Display the last image of a video

Hi, everyone!

What are you trying to achieve?:
I want to play a movie in my experiment and i want that the last image in the movie will still be displayed after the movie ends until participants make a response. For example, the movie is 25s long and the last picture the movie displays is a house. I want this “house” image to be displayed until participants make a response. Is this possible? Normally, after the movie ends, psychopy will automatically display the background of the experiment, but i want the last picture of the video to be displayed.

Thank you!

I’ve had to do this before and the workaround I created was to export the last frame of each video as an image (using QuickTime or similar) and then have a separate image event after the video event so that it would seem that the video froze on the last frame. Of course you’d have to specify a separate image name for each video in your excel spreadsheet that controls the experiment.
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Thank you @Mark_Scott for the help. It works!