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How to get the last frame of a movie that is repeated several times out of the buffer

Hi everyone,

I have the following problem: I prepared an online experiment using the PsychoPy builder (current version) in which I show my participants several movies and they have to respond with a button press. As soon as they press the button, the movie stops.

In the training phase, I repeat each training movie until the participants respond correctly. I do this with a “dummy loop” that has 100 repetitions and that ends as soon as the response is correct (with trials.finished==true). I used “” at the beginning of the routine and “myMovie.stop()” at the end of the routine. This does the trick: each movie is stopped, reset and played again.

However, it seems that the last image of the movie is still in the buffer. I see that, because I give feedback before I repeat the movie. Thus, the movie is stopped, the feedback is given, then the last image of the movie appears again (very briefly) before the movie is repeated.

Has anyone a solution for that? I would really like to get rid of this last image but nothing seems to work (I already tried “myMovie.reset()”, “”).

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you might have.

Best regards,


Have you tried setAutoDraw(False) to hide and then True to show again?