Discrete choice experiment

Hello, I am new to the Psychopy and would like to inquire whether it is possible to create choice sets for discrete choice experiments in this software or whether you may know another software free of charge for this purpose.

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Please could you give an example of what you mean here? The answer is almost certainly yes, but it might be yes that’s quite easy, or yes with some bespoke code components.

Hello wakecarter!

I would like to define choice sets for DCE with 4 attributes, where three attributes have two levels and one attribute has three levels (price (high, low), AW logo (present/absent), FW logo (present/absent), messages (1. Environment; 2. Health; 3. Money)). Is it possible to retrive the list of choice sets for such DCE in PsychoPy?

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That makes 24 combinations. Would you want the participant to see 12 fully random pairings?

10 screens should be enough. I tried to retrive the choice sets with Ngene but I got repetitions of choices in choice sets and some choices were omitted. I know that we should get rid of dominant choices for example, but I did not quite understand, why some choices were repeating in different combinations of chioce sets.

The way I’m thinking I would do it would be to have all the combinations in a spreadsheet and then in the loop when trials.thisN is even (0, 2, 4, etc) the values are saved and when trials.thisN is odd, an option using the current values are displayed next to the option using the saved values.

Dominant choices could be removed from the spreadsheet if desired.

Many thanks for your help and time, wakecarter :wink: Have a good day! Ewelina

There’s a demo of this principle called Random Pairs in the online demos post: