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Choices in the Demographic/Experiment Info Section of Online experiment

Hi all,

I am wondering if you can have clickable choices embedded in the Experiment Info section of an online experiment. Screen shot below shows an example of the section I am talking about.

When I am coding in psychopy coder (python), I can change the original dialogue box from an open text box to one that has choices. Such as:

myDlg.addField('Room letter: A-F:', choices = ['Please Choose','A','B','C','D','E','F'])

Is this possible with online experiments built through Builder?

Hi there, if what you mean is to have drop down options to select from, then you can go to Properties (gear icon) and in the Basic tab, you will see Experiment info. In the field section, you can write "Please Choose’ and in the Default section, you can write [β€˜A’,β€˜B’,β€˜C’,β€˜D’,β€˜E’,β€˜F’]

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