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Beginner to PsychoPy

Dear All,

I am brand new to PyschoPy and I was wondering how suitable it would be to design a 2AFC experiment. I am trying to decide between using Inquisit and PsychoPy but I’m not sure what the limits of the programs are.

I want to design a 2AFC experiment that measures choice behaviour for 7 different images. 2 of the 7 images will be presented and participants will chose which one they prefer. The combinations of images needs to be randomised so that all 7 images are compared with each other (21 combinations in total) without repeating previous comparisons.

Does anyone have any guidance about if this design would be possible in PsychoPy?

Thank you,


Yes it would be possible. You’d need to create a conditions file with 49 rows containing the filenames for the pairs of images. Try it out