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Design and Button Box Problems

Hello everyone,

I am new to PsychoPy, and I don’t have a ton of coding experience. I’m having the following issues with the Cedrus Button Box (RB-834) and overall design.

  1. I can not get PsychoPy to read the button box on a PC, but it works on the Mac. I’ve installed all necessary drivers for it to run on the PC.

  2. Due to the design of my study, I have multiple routines. I understand that an issue with psychopy is that the button box cannot be used in multiple routines. I’ve tried altering the code at the beginning of each routine and frame like others have suggested (!topic/psychopy-users/FIltal9nDbw), but it still will not work.

  3. I may be able to collapse my design into one routine to remedy the above issue. However, is there a way for psychopy to skip trials in the middle of a routine? For example, I have a number of learning trials for the first half of the study, but I am just testing recall trails in the second half of the study. Can I combine these two halves into one routine. I have an excel file for these trials, but psychopy quits when it switches to the second half of the study because there the learning trials are no longer present.

Any help you may provide will be extremely valuable. Let me know if you want any additional information to clarify problems.