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Demos work, nothing I do works - makes me sad

If I load up a demo like the face/house one, export to HTML, upload to my server – everything works.

Anything else I to fails by only making a white screen. Even a ridiculously simple experiment that puts one image up on the screen fails:

Heck, putting up a line of text for 2s also fails:

Of course, my more interesting experiments fail in the same way. I’ve searched all over for settings that might differ to no avail. Seriously - these last two are just File, New – add either image stimulus or text stimulus. Experiment Settings, change output directory. File, Save. File, Export as HTML.

Again - your demos work on my server perfectly, so that’s not it. Please, please, please show me the error of my ways!


OK, I got your demo to fail as well and could then spot at least part of the issue:

diff foohtml/index.html imghtml/index.html
<               name: u'blockedTrials',
>               name: 'blockedTrials',
<           win = new psychoJS.visual.Window({size:[2560, 1440],
>           win = new psychoJS.visual.Window({size:[1440, 900],
<               monitor:u'testMonitor',
>               monitor:'testMonitor',

All three edits were needed – getting the monitor size reverted (pretty sure needed) and removing the “u” unicode prefix was needed. With those removed, your demo again worked. I at least got one of mine to the parameters screen.

I can confirm that at least in a stripped-down version of my experiment, if I make the same changes – every u’ to just and change the monitor size (both needed), we work!

Hi Craig, thanks for that report.

We should emphasise that this online capability is nothing more than a proof-of-concept at this stage, and almost certainly shouldn’t be used for real work. @jon has however received funding from the Wellcome Trust to get the external commercial development company who created this initial proof-of-concept to develop it further to a useful level. That should hopefully be released in the Northern Summer of 2018.