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Visual stimuli don't work online

Description of the problem:

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make stimuli appear online.

I noticed that some of the visual stimuli of the library don’t work online such as “multidots” and “gratings”.

Is there any issue with those visual stimuli ?

Also, my final aim is to draw a muti gabor driting where a piece of code is needing for that.
When I try to run it online, the experiment just doesn’t start and the web page is blocked on the message : “initialiazing the experiment”

Are these typical issues ?

Hi @DutPsych , please see previous msg, I think these stimuli types are still in development as they are not found in the PsychoJS lib - GitHub - psychopy/psychojs: PsychoJS is the online counterpart of the PsychoPy Python library