Deleting an experiment with all gitlab information

Hi everybody.
I inserted a psychopy experiment to Pavlovia for the first time and I encountered so many problems that I want to remove it completely and start from scratch! How can I do it so that all GitLab data and folders also be deleted?

If you mean locally, you’ll need to delete essentially everything created when you first synced to pavlovia (eg., .gitignore file), and also delete a hidden folder-- turn on “View Hidden Items” in the folder view, and it’ll show a .git folder-- delete that as well

Thanks a lot for your help.
I deleted everything both locally and on Pavlovia and again exported html. But I don’t know why it doesn’t create two .js files!
Do you know why is that?

You can remove a project on gitlab. Mygitlab menu is in German but it should be Settings - General - Advanced (expand this) and scroll down to the remove project button. This deletes the project. An internet search also helps to finds the necessary steps. :wink:

Cheers Jens

Thank you Jens.