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Deleting a study from Pavlovia Dashboard

Experiment Name: dpb
Experiment ID: 5812

Description of the problem: I wanted to create an entirely new version of the “dpb” experiment that I previously created on Pavlovia. So I inactivated the old “dpb” experiment on Pavlovia and renamed it’s repository in github from “dpb” to “dpb-2019spring.” Then I created a new experiment named “dpb” on Pavlovia (ID=11972). Now, on Pavlovia, there are two experiments both named “dpb”, the old one is listed as inactive while the new one is listed as piloting, but both link to the same Pavlovia Experiment page ( and the same github repo (the one for the new dpb experiment). Things on Github look correct, the way I want them: there is the new “dpb” experiment and the old, renamed, “dpb-2019spring” experiment.

My question is: Can I remove (or rename) the old “dpb” inactive experiment (ID: 5812) in the Pavlovia Dashboard?

Alright, I decided to create a new experiment with a new name to avoid this problem. I am still curious about deleting or renaming an experiment in Pavlovia, though, as I have several old ones in there I would like to clean up. Anyone know if that is possible?


Does this thread answer your question?


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Yes, the gitlab pages provide the more detailed under-the-hood information about each project. Gradually I’m sure we will add some of the more common features over to the dashboard/project pages on Pavlovia, btu for now is the place for complete control