Edit experiment url so does not give away design on pavlovia?

Hi there,

I want my experiment name to be useful to psychologists searching on pavlovia, but the URL can’t be the same as the name or it will give away the design to the participants. Is there any way to decouple the url from the experiment name?


Ok I changed it under gitlab settings general advanced, but the pavlovia website won’t update the url on their end so I can’t run my experiment anymore. Agh! Can someone please fix this, I think it’s really silly that I have to make a new experiment. And if so, how do I delete the old experiment from pavlovia so it doesn’t show up in my list of projects?

Ok, I exported the old experiment and archived it, so I don’t see it in gitlab and was able to change the url. But, there is a delay in updating my pavlovia dashboard.

Ok, I figured out that I could not export my old experiment and import it into a new project and have the project show up in pavlovia. Rather, I had to create a new project without importing, and then manually upload everything. However, if I do it this way, it’s ok if the slug (url) does not match the project name. You apparently can never change it again though without it screwing things up with pavlovia :frowning: