Data saving error: only partial data is saving on pavlovia after integrating with prolific

URL of experiment: MSI and aging [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: My study consists of 6 tasks. An excel sheet with the results gets saved at the end of every task, culminating in 6 excel sheets in total.When I trialed this study on pavlovia using the pilot function, everything worked flawlessly and all 6 excel sheets were saved. I then integrated the study with prolific, and ran the study with a small pool of participants. Here, I only received the first excel sheet back, and not the 6 I expected. This is despite the fact that participants reported doing all 6 tasks.

Participants reported the following bug: “when uploading participant’s results for experiment: MBClab/msiandagingcr
when saving data from a previously opened session on the server. Either the credit reserved for this session has been released or no credit was previously reserved: results cannot be saved”

The issue is, however, not the credits. We checked and the credits are available.