Data Output Issue

URL of experiment: angieSeqExperiment [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

The CSVs generated by Pavlovia are missing a ton of data. I need this experiment to print the names of the sound files it executes each time that it executes and plays for the participant.

It should look similar to this (a datafile lifted from another experiment that is not mine):

However, I merely get this:

I’ve tried a ton of different things, but none of it seems to work.

Thank you

Think I managed to make this publically accessible Angie Donna Nikoleychuk / angieSeqExperiment · GitLab

The names of the sound files will only be saved if one of the following three things is true:

  1. They appear in a spreadsheet attached to a loop

  2. You save them to the data file using thisExp.addData('SoundFile',soundFile)

  3. You save them to expInfo using expInfo['SoundFile'] = soundFile

The difference between addData and expInfo is that in the former the file name will be saved once, but in the latter it will appear in every row from that point until the value is changed again.

soundFile should be whatever variable you are using, e.g. audio_file_two ?

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omg Thank you so very much!

We tried thisExp a bajillion times in a ton of different ways, but I think it must have been in the wrong spot.

It was printing only when assigned to the variable, but expInfo fixed both issues!

Thank you so very much!