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Data not being saved


I have recently started using PsychoPy for my dissertation, using I’m having issues with saving my data, it’s working on other computers saving the data file. for me, the program runs fine but I’m not getting an output file with my data. I was wondering if anyone could recommend something that could help, please?

Many Thanks

Could you upload the .psyexp file? It could be that some components are disabled, muted or incompatible with the version you have installed. What version of PsychoPy do you have installed, and what version is on the computers it works on?

I’ve uploaded two .psyexp files below.
I have the “StandAlonePsychoPy3-2020.1.0-MacOS” version installed, the same version as my dissertation supervisor who also has a MAC and it seems to work fine on her computer! (24.8 KB) (24.8 KB)

My mistake, I am using .py files; which I have attached below. (24.8 KB)