Problems with saving data

Hello, I have recently started using PsychoPy for my dissertation. I am using .py files and am able to run the experiment with no hassle. The problem occurs when I try to find the data; it is nowhere to be found. I am using the “StandAlonePsychoPy3-2020.1.0-MacOS” version which is the same version as my supervisor, who has no problems with data being saved. Below I have attached two of my .py files. I am wondering if someone could be of any help, please?

Many Thanks

Mollie (24.8 KB) (24.8 KB)

When the experiment handler is first created:

thisExp = data.ExperimentHandler(name=expName, version='',
    extraInfo=expInfo, runtimeInfo=None,
    savePickle=True, saveWideText=True,

you have originPath set to None - I think this might be the problem, as it means Psychopy doesn’t know where to store the data.